Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Appellate judges fail to do justice for Kyle Brennan

Jonny Jacobsen at Infinite Complacency reports that the appellate judges meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 14 have announced denial of the appeal in Kyle Brennan vs The Church of Scientology a mere two business days after they heard the oral arguments. 

After full review and oral argument, we conclude that... [Lirot] has demonstrated no reversible error in the district court’s order,  said the court. Case dismissed.
Scientology spokeswoman Pat Harney told The Tampa Bay TimesThe ruling of the U. S. District Court in Tampa and the rapid affirmation of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta both confirm what we have said from the beginning — the evidence is overwhelming that the Brennan lawsuit never had any factual or legal basis.
Leaving aside the preliminary details identifying the case, the actual ruling ran to just five lines.
In a response to the ruling, Lirot expressed his frustration that the court had not troubled itself to explain where his arguments had fallen down.
What an incredible disappointment! he wrote.
 We will get no further explanation, no comment, and no articulation of where the arguments I made were inaccurate, insufficient, or wrong.
 I despise those situations where a Court rules against me, but does not articulate any basis to support their decision.
 It does not happen often, but this is clearly the worst example of that hollow practice.
 We can go to the Supreme Court, but that is the equivalent of a lottery ticket, since they take less than 3% of the petitions filed with them.
 A sad day for American justice, or the lack thereof.

Read the whole thing. 

The rotten foundation of the decision of Judge Merryday to dismiss the case, which has now been affirmed by the appellate judges, is the travesty of the investigation into Kyle's death by Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling with his cover up and massive lying about Kyle's diagnosis and every important aspect of the case.

The affair cries out for an independent investigation and re-opening of the case.

With the end of litigation Victoria Britton is completely free to speak. Once the people of America hear her voice we hope there will be a massive outcry to demand such an investigation that justice may be done and Kyle Brennan vindicated.

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