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Kyle Brennan - Anybody's Child

We are re-posting here a beautiful post by former Scientologist Denise Brennan called "Kyle Brennan - Anybody's Child which has been posted on the major Scientology-critical forums. (Why We Protest - WWP, Reaching For The Tipping Point, Divided By Zero, Ex-Scientologist Message Board - ESMB), and Operation Clambake - OCMB)

Denise accurately describes Kyle as "a lovely, innocent and kindly boy, a gentle nerd who would not hurt a fly." She also points out that Scientology does a great deal of damage to non-Scientologists like Kyle and the recent young victims of its drug rehabilitation front group Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma where four young people have died in the last nine months.

She also points out that there is much we do not know and appeals to anyone and particularly former Scientologists to share any information about the case, the Scientologists involved, and Scientology policies and procedures that could help in getting justice for Kyle. 

She outlines many ways the general public can help and concludes -

As a beautiful Anon said in a protest video in 2008: ”It is time for the Church of Scientology to get out of Love’s way”.

Read the whole thing. 

Most people who read this are already going to know something about Kyle Brennan and his horrible death some five years ago at scientology’s “mecca” in Clearwater, Florida.

Kyle, a lovely, innocent and kindly boy, a gentle nerd who would not hurt a fly, died from a gunshot wound to the head on February 16, 2007.

The circumstances surrounding Kyle’s death are highly suspicious.

Kyle Brennan died at least in part due to the beliefs of scientology and scientologists as his medically prescribed medication was hidden from him with demands that he instead do highly dangerous and unscientific scientology “therapy” such as that done in its front group “Narconon”. 

Scientologists are hardly the only ones in danger of being victims of such quackery. The last year has brought the world tragic news of multiple deaths of innocent people who are not even scientologists who were subjected to highly dangerous practices such as those the scientologists were trying to push onto Kyle as delivered in their front group “Narconon”. 

And worse yet, Kyle’s tragic death shows us that the deadly reach of such practices by organized scientology goes even to our children who 1) are not scientologists AND 2) are not even involved with their front groups.

As what happened with Kyle has shown, all someone has to be is in contact with scientologists that believe in and push such practices to lose their very lives. Thus, Kyle Brennan is indeed “anybody’s child”. 

For five years now organized scientology has done everything it can to ensure that the entire truth surrounding Kyle’s untimely death has been suppressed through use of the police, through use of the courts and otherwise.
They have ensured that they have to date thwarted every attempt by his grieving mother Victoria Britton to find out what happened to her son that she loved so dearly.

Let us end this now!

Before I suggest what we can do about this, I would like to announce a new a blog prepared by a lovely person, Justin Ross. The site is called: “Justice for Kyle Brennan”. 

A link to it is here:

This is the most comprehensive site on the subject of what happened to Kyle Brennan, what led up to it and what has happened with respect to it in the past five+ years.

As of this writing, August 29, 2012, you can see two entries on the blog by Justin. The most current entry logged tonight is an amazing read, a write-up really helping to educate anyone to understand what happened.

The other write-up from a few days ago gives some information about a hearing on the matter in Florida on September 14, 2012.

Very important is the sidebar of links found on this blog. In the event some people do not read the main posting on this blog, I wanted to quote the sidebar that gives these important links:

Documents in the case of Kyle Brennan vs the Church of Scientology have been collected at a Scribd collection of Scientology lawsuits:

Among the most important documents is the Chronology of Victoria Britton, which she compiled from her notes as events unfolded – which can be found at:

Detective Bohling's investigative report (found at: ) is the basis of the Scientology defense and raises important questions of the adequacy of his detective work. In his deposition (which can be found at: ) he admits among other things that he falsified information about Kyle's diagnosis.

The depositions of the Scientology defendants Tom Brennan (found at: ) and Denise Miscavige Gentile (found at: ) contain conflicting alibis and many contradictions in testimony.

Seasoned Flag Organization staff member Lance Marcor has laid out in detail how Scientology ideological demands affected the handling and death of Kyle Brennan as an Enemy of Scientology in the Second Declaration of Lance Marcor. ( found at: )

The history of litigation is complex. Jonny Jacobsen at Infinite Complacency provides an excellent summary. (found at: )

If our police, courts and other government officials will not stand up to scientology on this matter and if scientologists who know the truth refuse to tell it, then let it be us that take a stand and make a difference despite them.

Kyle’s mother Victoria Britten has more than once told me that this is about her beautiful boy and not her. It is about a boy who lost his life, who was innocent and who lost everything that a future he deserved to live would have given him. 

And while I weep with her at her almost unbearable loss, to me it is ALSO about a mother fighting for five years to find out what happened to her child. There is NO closure to be had when scientology and scientologists concerned have done everything in their power to hide the truth from Victoria in the name of their barbaric version of “the greatest good”.

And, without the full truth known Kyle will have died in vain and there will be more of our children similarly lost.

Victoria wants to tell every mother in America and elsewhere what happened here. 

If our governments will not stand up to them than let it be us mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and all others of good heart take to a stand.

Victoria knows more than anyone on earth about the hearings on this matter over the past five years. Did you know that no media have had Victoria on to tell us what she knows and the results of her exhaustive studies into court filings, police reports, depositions and the like? 

But how can those of us who want to help Victoria help her to do this? And what else might we of little financial or time resources do to make a difference? 

I can think of a few things offhand and write them here to perhaps help get the ball rolling.

No one is my or anyone else’s personal army but I ask that all concerned look at the examples below and see if you can find it in your heart to help in one or more ways or perhaps in some other way that I have not listed. 

(1) One very simply thing is to just familiarize yourself with as much as you can on the attached blog or that information contained in links found on that blog. Be better educated about it and then perhaps talk with friends and family about this. If we do nothing else, at least let us let someone else know about this so that their child is not the next to fall prey to scientology’s dangerous practices and greed. Send anyone interested to know more to that blog for information. Once again the link is:

(2) Keep this alive. Post about Kyle in forums and blogs when you can. Post in comment sections in relevant articles, press, blogs or anywhere else giving links to this blog or any parts that interest you the most.

(3) See this link on the blog giving the time, place and date of the brief oral arguments happening on Sept 14, 2012 in Florida. If you can make it to show your support please do so. Let press or others you know who might be interested know about this as they may wish to attend. Link =

(4) Kyle’s mother Victoria is going to need financial help in order to continue fighting for the truth. There are many legal expenses (even things like costs of transcripts, flights, hotel, meals). And no matter what happens with legal, the fight to get to the truth will go on. We need, for example, to set up Victoria with proper hardware and software in order to be recorded for radio or TV, to do scans, to make copies and to do anything else needed to fight the good fight. In times past there were not public enough requests for help financially as almost none was given. 

Well there are two ways to send her money if you are able and willing to do so, no matter how small:

(a) If you are comfortable with PayPal, her email is :

(b) If you would prefer to send a check, cash or money order, her snail mail address is:

Victoria Britton
c/o Friends of Kyle Brennan
3144 Ridgefield Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22911-7205

(5) This is a special appeal to all public and staff as well as former public and staff who were there in 2007 and who know any details of what happened to Kyle and/or the cover-up of same to please speak out and tell what happened. This includes EX ethics officers at Flag, tech staff at Flag, OSA even up to Mike Rinder who may have been over OSA at the time. For the sake of those this could happen to in the future, for Kyle, for the peace of mind of a grieving mother, for the sake of justice or just for honor’s sake tell what happened. Victoria’s email is above. You can email her directly if you don’t want to go public. But for God’s sake, please tell the truth.

It should not matter if you are a corporate scientologist who would like to right a wrong, an Indee, an Ex or anyone else. On this matter all of us should be joined at the heart and not have any other agenda but that of truth and justice here.

(6) If you have any contacts with internet media, radio, TV, press, you name it, tell them of this story. Give them a link to the blog and ask them to interview Victoria. With some quick financial help we could have Victoria ready for interviews in days. She has not been able to tell her story to date. Let’s change that. This is a link to some of her own research that might interest concerned media:

I am very sorry for the length of this post. Plus I do not wish to say that anyone must do any or all of the above. But if you want to help, the above are some simple ways to do so.

For Kyle, for a Mother’s love and for great justice!

As a beautiful Anon said in a protest video in 2008: ”It is time for the Church of Scientology to get out of Love’s way”.

Thank you for listening.

Denise Brennan

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